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The Unit for the History of Slavonia, Syrmia and Baranya is a constituent part of the  Croatian Institute of History (Zagreb), a public research institution, and its only research subsidiary outside Zagreb. 

The chief of the Unit, designated by the director of the Institute, is responsible for the work and for the proper functioning of the Unit.

The researchers of the Unit collaborate with each other, with colleagues from the parent institution and with historians from other institutions in Croatia and foreign countries. 

Collaborative and team research work is put into practice mainly through the cooperation within other sections of the Unit and within research projects that bring together researchers from within and without the Institute. 

The Unit has its own research library and runs an independent publishing activity.

The Unit employs, in addition to its researchers, operating and auxiliary staff for a proper functioning of the organisational components of the Unit. The staff is also responsible for other common support activities of the institution. 



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The research group linkage project »Regional Translocality in Historical Perspective: The Case of Slavonia and Bosnia« to be funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

The German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has approved full funding for a research group linkage project involving the Croatian Institute of History – Branch for the History of Slavonia, Srijem and Baranja in Slavonski Brod, the Ruhr Bochum Center for Mediterranean Studies and the Department of Eastern and Southeastern European History at the Leipzig University.

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