The Unit for History of Slavonia, Syrmia and Baranya in Slavonski Brod is a constituent part of the  Croatian Institute of History situated in Zagreb.

The Unit was founded in 1996 and its activities are based on the Croatian Law on Science and Higher Education and on the Statutes of the Croatian Institute of History in Zagreb. 

Internally, the Unit is organised in terms of research sections and administrative and professional services. 

The Unit is situated in Slavonski Brod, in A. Starčević Street, No. 8. It has some 300square metres of work space divided into nine offices for researchers and administration, a reading-room, a library, a storage space for the Unit’s own publications and ancillary rooms. 

These premises were made available to the Unit by the City of Slavonski Brod. The researchers of the Department are therefore greatly indebted to the City of Slavonski Brod as well as to Brod-Posavina County, for their ongoing willingness to provide the necessary premises for and to support financially the work of the Unit , which is the research centre for historical studies covering the whole northeastern Croatia.  

The eastern part of inland Croatia has until recently been insufficiently researched in historical studies, and the little research there was mostly unsystematic. The regional imbalance in the development of scholarship has been corrected only recently, since the middle of the 20th century, and particularly since the establishment of the independent Republic of Croatia. The Slavonian unit of the Croatian Institute of History is now an important factor in this encouraging process; in this part of the country it is at the present time the only research institute of such a character, extent and significance not only in historical studies but also in the humanities in general.


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Predstavljanje novih izdanja Podružnice u Gradskoj knjižnici Slavonski Brod: „Imas puska, imas pistol?” i „Scrinia Slavonica” 14(2014). Pročitajte više

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