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Scrinia Slavonica

Annual of the Department for the History of Slavonia, Srijem and Baranja of the Croatian Historical Institute

UDC 94
ISSN 1332-4853 (Print)
ISSN 1848-9109 (Online)

Founded in 2001.

© Scrinia Slavonica (Hrvatski institut za povijest – Podružnica za povijest Slavonije, Srijema i Baranje)

Editor-in-chief: Stanko Andrić
Secretary: Marijan Šabić
Editorial Board: Mato Artuković, Marija Karbić, Suzana Leček, Robert Skenderović, Zlata Živaković-Kerže, Dinko Župan

(Editor-in-chief and the editorial board are historians employed at the Department for the History of Slavonia, Srijem and Baranja of the Croatian Historical Institute)

Advisory Board:

Carl Bethke (Tübingen), Hrvoje Gračanin (Zagreb), Fazileta Hafizović (Sarajevo), Alojz Ivanišević (Wien), Milan Kruhek (Zagreb), Damir Matanović (Osijek), Nenad Moačanin (Zagreb), Antal Molnár (Budapest), Mirko Valentić (Zagreb), Szabolcs Varga (Pécs), Božena Vranješ-Šoljan (Zagreb), Piotr Żurek (Bielsko-Biała)

Address: A. Starčevića 8, HR-35000 Slavonski Brod
Tel. / fax: (+385) (0)35 447 243
Bank account: Hrvatska poštanska banka, IBAN HR7023900011400000096

The annual is published with financial support from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.


Scrinia Slavonica is an open access journal. Its full content is available HERE.

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SCRINIA SLAVONICA, annual review of the Croatian Historical Institute, Department for history of Slavonia, Srijem and Baranja, publishes articles dealing with the history of North-Eastern Croatia, i.e. of the historical regions of Slavonia (in the modern geographical sense of this term), Srijem and the Croatian part of Baranja. SCRINIA SLAVONICA aims at promoting regional history of Slavonia as a meaningful frame for a productive and diversified historical research. It accepts both in-depth research contributions and articles of synthesis or recapitulation (review articles), as well as editions of relevant source texts in limited selections. Besides that, a part of the review’s space is dedicated to works on broader theoretical or methodological issues, primarily those applicable to specific regional research projects. Finally, articles in translation and book reviews are intended to help Croatian historians in their continuous following of historiographical developments and interesting events in the countries neighbouring Slavonia, i. e. Hungary, Serbia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. These countries constitute an area which was encompassed in the course of past centuries by various structures of mutual connection and relationship. This largely common past results naturally in an overlap of interests (while not necessarily in unanimous interpretations) of present-day historiographies in Croatia and the neighbouring countries, which in turn requires communication, a sharing of knowledge, cooperation and a well-founded dialogue.

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